I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a practice in Boston, Ma.

I am Elaine Walker, licensed mental health counselor, lic. .# 3917, practicing in Malden Ma as well as through teletherapy (online or on phone).
I worked for 25 years as director of a Fountain House model clubhouse, helping adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses and retiring a few years ago.
I currently am a senior adjunct at Cambridge College, helping graduate students to develop the skills needed to become awesome therapists. In addition, I provide psychotherapy to individuals throughout the week.
I raised two wonderful daughters as a single mother, and as that role required less and less time and attention, I discovered that creating art, reading, and gardening required more. I think that my essential purpose in life is now to create a better world, by listening carefully to one client at a time.
As long as the weather is pleasant, we can meet in my private garden, just outside my office, sitting 6 – 8 feet apart without masks (or with, as it’s optional). This is assuming that we each have no Covid symptoms as I am quite serious about keeping myself, and my clients, safe.
Please contact me for a free consultation to see if we are able to work together productively.
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